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Topaz, November's birthstone, probably derived its name from the name of an island in the Red Sea, now Zebirget, formerly Topazos. The traditional color for topaz are yellow with a red tint, but they also come in a variety of colors including pinky red, red-brown, light blue, and pale green. Deposits are associated with pegmatites or secondary placers. In today's mining industry, the most important suppliers for topaz are Brazil, Sri Lanka, Burma and Russia. They are an 8 on the Mohs' hardness scale. The price for 7mm natural yellow topaz earrings mounted in 14K gold would range between $250 to $600, depending upon the quality.


Jennifer Eagle Collection, however, has an alternative to the delicious yellow topaz that doesn't sacrifice taste or charm--the citrine. The name citrine is derived from its lemon-yellow color, the color of citrus. The unique and cost-effective natural citrine makes a scrumptious substitution to the traditional topaz.


For the month of November, I offer zesty 7mm orange-yellow citrine* earrings mounted in 14K gold--don't forget to stock up on your "C's" during the cold winter freeze!

Copyright © 2014 Jennifer Eagle Collection -  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2014 Jennifer Eagle Collection -  All Rights Reserved