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 There are two birthstones for the month of December--Persian turquoise and blue topaz. Turquoise is the most common birthstone, but I have added the blue topaz for those who long for London blue.


The name turquoise means "Turkish stone" because the trade route that brought it to Europe used to come via Turkey. The color of turquoise ranges from sky blue, blue-green to apple green. A pure, blue color for turquoise is rare, since most pieces contain turquoise matrix, or veins which may be brown (limonite), dark gray (sandstone) or black (jasper or psilomelane). The best qualities of turquoise are found in north east Iran, or Persian turquoise. Since it is a sensitive gemstone, a negative color can be brought about by the influence of light, perspiration, oils and cosmetics as well as a loss of natural water content. Turquoise is a 5-6 on the Mohs' hardness scale.


I offer soft sky blue 7mm Persian turquoise earrings mounted in 14K gold. Imagine--the best birthstone quality brought to your own backyard!


If turquoise does not fit your fancy, Jennifer Eagle Collection also provides the unique and lovely London blue natural topaz for the month of December. Although the classic golden-yellow topaz is usually the birthstone for November*, this natural gemstone is heated to give it the beautiful blue perfect for December. I offer superb 7mm London blue natural topaz earrings mounted in 14K gold. Why not? It's your birthright!

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Copyright © 2014 Jennifer Eagle Collection -  All Rights Reserved