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Diamond is the traditional birthstone for April and the only gemstone highest on the Mohs' hardness scale. The name diamond refers to its hardness, the Greek word adamas meaning "unconquerable." There are diamond deposits in many parts of the world, most occurring in Africa and Siberia. The price range for 7mm natural diamond earrings mounted in 14K gold would range between $1400 to $7500, depending upon the quality.


Jennifer Eagle Collection offers a cost effective solution to the April birthstone--the cubic zirconia. Gemologists over the years have sought to create a diamond look-alike that people can more easily afford. Since many mistake the colorless white zircon, a costly natural gemstone, with the diamond, the cubic zirconia was created to have the highlight qualities of a diamond, the brilliance of a diamond, but the price significantly less than even a white zircon. The derivative of the name zircon is unknown, but natural zircon has been known since antiquity for its brilliance; thus the name cubic zirconia refers to a superb zircon-like, man-made gemstone with a cubic crystal system.


For the month of April, or truly anytime, I offer either diamond white or sparkling champagne 7mm cubic zirconia earrings mounted in 14K gold. Let your smile shine from ear to ear!

Copyright © 2014 Jennifer Eagle Collection -  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2014 Jennifer Eagle Collection -  All Rights Reserved